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Tub Repair In Ft. Worth, TX, And Surrounding Areas

Reliable tub repair is essential for any home in Ft. Worth, TX. At Matrix Construction Services, we understand needing a sound tub means keeping your property in shape for daily use. As a trusted name in home repairs for over 19 years in North Texas, our licensed professionals can expertly assess and repair your tub to like-new condition.

Success is a collaboration between customers, community, and craftsmanship. Residents have relied on our expertise and attention to detail for successful repairs. Contact us today to schedule your estimate.

Understanding Tub Repair Needs

Homeowners need to be aware of what can cause the need for tub repairs: regular tub use and exposure to water leading to the degradation of tub surfaces and components. We’ve seen the various issues that commonly drive customers to seek tub repairs or replacements.

  • Material Deterioration: Over the years, water can seep behind tub surfaces and walls, damaging water-resistant barriers and structural supports. This causes surfaces to crack, warp, or detach from the tub framework. Prolonged exposure to chemicals in hard water also breaks down protective enamel coatings on steel tubs. If left unaddressed, these material deterioration issues reduce watertight integrity and tub structural support.
  • Loose Caulk And Grout: Caulk and grout applied during tub installation are meant to be water-resistant but have a limited lifespan before needing reapplication. Old or missing caulk allows water to enter and damage underlying surfaces. Grout lines also crack or detach, compromising the watertight seal around the tub. Re-caulking and re-grouting periodically is an intelligent way to prevent further costlier repairs.
  • Hardware Failure: Sink stops, overflow drains, and diverter valves that control water flow in tubs are mechanical components subject to wear over time. Losing or damaged hardware can directly lead to water damage issues if leaks are addressed. Tub hardware over ten years old is also more prone to failure.
  • Plumbing Supply Line Issues: Galvanized steel and copper supply lines that feed water to the tub are only built to last for a while. Over decades, these lines can corrode internally or develop kinks limiting water flow. Corrosion causes the release of minerals that clog showerheads and fixtures. Kinks and blockages increase water pressure in other line areas, risking bursts.

Addressing issues promptly with the help of our experienced contractor can avoid requiring complete tub replacement and save homeowners costs over postponing repairs. Matrix Construction Services can perform inspections and diagnostics and recommend tailored solutions for your tub repair needs.

Restore Your Bathtub With Matrix Construction Services

We understand the importance of maintaining a beautiful and functional bathroom. Our services offer a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to various bathtub issues. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle multiple repairs, ensuring your bathtub regains its original luster and functionality.

Chip And Crack Repair

We employ innovative techniques like two-part epoxy compounds to fill bathtub cracks and chips. Our licensed technicians are trained to properly prepare and blend repair areas to match existing tub surfaces. We use magnification equipment for precision repairs to ensure impeccable blending without noticeable seams.

Surface Scratch Removal

Our scratch removal process effectively removes minor scratches that have accumulated over time. Trained technicians thoroughly clean the tub surface to remove soil and oils. Then, using a series of ultra-fine grit abrasives and polishing compounds, our specialists buff away surface scratches through multiple steps. State-of-the-art equipment helps achieve a pristine, scratch-free luster matching the original gloss.

Fading And Discoloration Reversal

Our team reverses tub fading or stains caused by hard water or chemical exposure through specialized cleaning techniques and proprietary solutions. After assessing the tub, technicians apply cleaning agents and carefully scrub embedded soils or mineral deposits. For stubborn cases, light sanding or abrasion may be used. The regenerated surface is then sealed to safeguard against future such issues.

Minor Leak Repair

We have the skills and materials needed to locate the precise source of any minor tub leak and implement a timely fix. Our licensed plumbers and technicians carefully investigate leak signs, examine tub infrastructure, and implement a tailored solution. Permanent waterproof sealants are applied with expertise and precision robotics to prevent further water damage risks.


Re-glazing brings a thoroughly restored shine and life to extensively worn tubs. Our stripping and cleaning methods thoroughly remove previous layers. Then, our specialists spray a durable gloss finish, allowing multiple coats to cure fully without imperfections.

When you choose Matrix Construction Services for your Ft. Worth tub repair needs, you can expect exceptional service, top-quality materials, and guaranteed long-lasting repair.

Integrity, Quality, And Craftsmanship – Ft. Worth, TX, Tub Repair Specialists

Extensive expertise and a proven track record reinforce our capabilities to complete any tub project precisely as intended. Our technicians undergo rigorous and ongoing training to be well-versed in the latest techniques and materials. From scheduling to completion, clients receive transparent communication and can depend on us to manage projects with precision and care. Issues are resolved swiftly to ensure maximum convenience and satisfaction.

Safety and regulatory compliance are never compromised. Every team member adheres to stringent quality control protocols and safety measures as a licensed, insured contractor. Only top-grade, code-approved materials are used so residents can truly trust the security of our repairs. When choosing Matrix Construction Services, customers benefit from fair pricing, transparent estimates, and flexible payment options. Quality work at affordable prices allows more homeowners to restore their tubs with an investment in function and value.

With numerous glowing reviews as proof, Ft. Worth, TX, homeowners looking for a reliable tub specialist they can count on again and again choose us time and again.

Restoring Tubs And Honoring Our Commitment

Skip the high cost and hassle of a complete bathtub replacement. Texas residents trust Matrix Construction Services for expert tub repair that restores functionality at a fraction of the price. We prioritize clear communication throughout the process, keeping you informed and involved.

Contact Us Today And Let Our Skilled Technicians Bring Your Bathtub Back To Life!

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